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SELCO USA, INC., offering intimate knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, originated in Europe in 1961, and are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our knowledge and capabilities allow us to provide custom turnkey solutions to all of our clients in a short amount of time.

Protective Devices to Install for Heavy-duty Machineries

There are certain industries where the entire functioning is based on the continuous processing of heavy-duty machines and systems. For example, there is the marine industry and the automation and process control industry where ensuring machinery and systems run without any interruption becomes mandatory. And, that is why predictive and protective devices are installed to ensure continuous functioning and keeping property and people safe. HRG or high resistance grounding, generator controller, synchronizer, potentiometer, and arc flash relay are some of those devices used. Let us discuss more.


We are not focusing on the mechanical hazards that such machinery may face. Typically, mechanical hazards on machinery occur at


  • points of operation
  • points of power transmission
  • points of machine movement


Damages and faults due to these reasons can shut down the machinery or can bring dysfunction in it. It can also harm personnel working nearby. Well, that is why safeguarding the machines and systems are extremely important. And, the protective and predictive devices like flexgen, synchroscope and more are designed to limit the risk to personnel for accident or injury at these points. Each device has its own functioning to limit the risks.


Buying Quality Products (Devices)


It is important to buy the highest quality devices. After all, these devices are responsible for ensuring safety and continuous functioning. In order to buy quality products like arc protection relay, alarm panels, and more, one should make sure to approach a reliable service provider. Let us quickly point out factors that you should consider while approaching a provider who is offering genuine products and solutions for this matter.


  • Pick a well-recognized, reputed, and trusted provider
  • The provider must have a range of devices that meets the highest standards of quality
  • Provider’s return and refund policy must be in favor of clients
  • The shipping facility with a choice of carrier
  • Competitive prices