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SELCO USA, INC., offering intimate knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, originated in Europe in 1961, and are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our knowledge and capabilities allow us to provide custom turnkey solutions to all of our clients in a short amount of time.

Ensure Safety, Security, and Efficiency with Modern Equipment

he marine industry is called the Backbone of worldwide trade and economy. It backs up businesses and other industries to efficiently produce goods and fulfill the needs of customers and other industries. So, it is essential to keep equipment protected from faults and damages. They are essential for ships to work continuously and constantly to maintain the flow of production and support numerous operations on the ship. For instance, high resistance grounding protects electrical equipment on ships from sudden power increase, shocks. Let's discuss other safety and security devices that are essential for ships and marine industry!


It would not be an overstatement to say that a ship is like a city, floating in the ocean, and supporting numerous operations, transfer goods, contain stuff, and many other things. It requires constant power and any interruption in the power supply can stop operations. A generator is an essential equipment on a ship that supports all functions on the ship. Considering that, keeping your generators in good condition prevents downtime. An integrated generator controller must be used as it supports synchronizing, power management, load sharing & frequency control so that generators can be controlled for maximum efficiency and make all devices run without interruption. you can find a generator control module which is a suitable accessory used for generator controlling and monitoring purposes. Browse our exclusive range of products here


As you can read, all small and big equipment at the ship requires special care, observation, and sustenance to maintain efficiency and increase lifespan. All such security and safety devices must be the highest-quality to reduce the chances of unexpected faults in the systems and downtime on ships. Leading Marine industry professionals must invest in the advanced equipment to maintain maximum efficiency, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, and protect people and equipment.


There are some leading companies who you approach to get the best equipment, like arc protection relay, ship alarm & monitoring, alarm monitor, generator control, ground fault detection instrumentation, insulation detection to fulfill all needs of people in the marine industry.