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Use of Synchroscope and Arc Protection Relay Devices

There are different types of protective and predictive devices that are used to eliminate the risk of faults and damages in electric systems, and applications. Here we are discussing two types of devices and their utilities. These two devices are synchroscope and art protection relay. Let us discuss both, one by one,


There are some electric systems or machines that are synchronized with each other. In this context, the term ‘synchronizes’ simply refers to the machines of equal frequency and voltage that are operating parallel to each other. And, a device that is used to show the correct instant at which the two systems are synchronized is known as synchroscope.


In order to understand the term arc protection relay, it is important to understand what arc flash is. It is actually and accurately defined as the light that is produced during an arc fault. It is basically an electrical fault that results from the breakdown of an insulating medium between two conductors. It generally occurs when an electric current flows through an air gap between the conductors. There are devices that use optical sensors to detect the onset of a flash, and these are microprocessor-based devices; known as arc flash relays or arc protection relay. These devices help in reducing the amount of incident energy in the system. These devices not only help in minimizing the damage but saves money, time, and lives too.


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