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SELCO USA, INC., offering intimate knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, originated in Europe in 1961, and are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our knowledge and capabilities allow us to provide custom turnkey solutions to all of our clients in a short amount of time.

Ensure Equipment Safety with High Resistance Grounding and Flexgen

Just like electrical grounding protects electrical equipment from shocks in buildings, it also prevents electrical shocks or electricity-related issues on ships. A ship contains an extensive collection of electrical wires and complicated electrical equipment that ensure smooth running of functions. Earth fault is one of the most critical issues that can happen on a ship. The seriousness and type of steps to be taken depend on the type of the affected electrical system. Regular ships that operate on 3 Phase have earth fault indicators installed on all three phases. A ground fault detector is installed for the immediate detection of faults in a grounding system. Effective high resistance grounding solutions can greatly reduce mishaps in faulty equipment. Ground fault monitoring is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of a ship’s electrical systems.


There are plenty of protective devices available that can detect fault conditions and handle circuit breakers to avoid failure. Electrical safety products are essential for the reliability and high operating safety of electrical systems in the ship. Modern ships are constructed to work through the electrical power to maintain its functioning. Therefore, these ships have multiple generators to keep the supply of the power, one generator handle the extra demand for power and other users in case of emergencies. Unlike small ones, large ships require a large amount of power to control the engine, functioning, communication, navigational systems.


A flexgen generator controller is the most effective device that provides active and reactive load sharing, integrated protection, frequency and voltage stabilization, data acquisition, dead bus monitoring, and programmable inputs and outputs. It is highly recommended to use a generator controller device that can perform properly in extreme conditions and ensure that the generator is working at an accurate frequency. It also has features for over-voltage and under-voltage protection, preferential load trip, short circuit, and vector shift protection. Protection relays are one of those aforementioned protective devices built to protect equipment from over and low voltage. A different version of the device offers different features such as measuring currents, supply voltage and protect generators from over current and earth faults.


If you have been searching to purchase any of those devices for Industrial, Marine, and Off-Shore applications. then you can choose Selco USA, Inc. They provide cost-effective and energy-efficient off-shore community technical solutions, including arc protection relay, ground fault detector, generator controller, load sharer, and so on. Their ground fault monitor is affordable, easy-to-use, monitor battery ground faults, and quickly identify deteriorations of the insulation level. You can control the immensity of ground-fault current, reduce the chance of electrical shock and burning or melting effects in the equipment.


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