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Monitoring Devices and Units to Protect Damages to Electric Systems

There are various protective devices and units available in the market to keep an eye on electrical-systems. These devices are responsible to test, measure and monitor faults, over-currents and short circuits, et cetera. It is important to avoid the failure of such major systems and hazards for individuals and property. This can be done by utilizing preventive and protective devices, such as the insulation monitoring device circuit and fault monitor device, et cetera.

Significance of insulation resistance comes into picture when there is a need for prevention of damage and injury to an electrical system. It holds great importance when it comes to ensuring the reliability of electrical systems and equipment. Its role does not end here. It continues as it also serves as an indicator of the condition of an electrical installation. As insulation resistance is important for different purposes, it needs to be tested, measured and monitored. Usually, people get confused with insulation monitoring and insulation measurement. It is necessary to understand that these two terms are not the same. These two techniques are used differently depending on the related phase of the system’s life cycle.

The insulation monitoring device circuit is connected between the active conductors and the earth. This device is an ungrounded system which is intended to give an alert when impedance between two conductors drops. There is a set value of impedance between two conductors, if it drops below the value, the device disconnects the power supply.

A type of monitoring device known as a ground fault monitor is designed to provide system security. This device provides immediate and reliable low-level ground fault detection on three-phase AC resistance grounded or solidly grounded electrical distribution systems. These units hold the capacity and capability of monitoring ungrounded supplies power systems for maximum equipment protection. In simple words, if an insulation fault develops anywhere on the system, this device helps in detecting the faults between the source and the load.

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