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SELCO USA, INC., offering intimate knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, originated in Europe in 1961, and are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our knowledge and capabilities allow us to provide custom turnkey solutions to all of our clients in a short amount of time.

Have High Resistance Grounding System Solutions of Top Quality

Any electric power system has a tendency of shutting down at some or other points of time. It happens due to certain faults such as over currents and short circuits. These faults may occur due to operation mistakes, ambient conditions, lack of maintenance and atmospheric discharges. It is true that we cannot have control over ambient conditions and atmospheric discharges but still we can adopt available techniques and tools to detect or monitor ground faults. We can utilize ground fault monitor and detector as a protective device to detect fault conditions in order to limit the loss of service due to any failure. Let us discuss more it.

Ground Fault – When one of the system phases gets on direct contact to the ground or to any metallic part which is grounded, it results in ground fault. It is important to protect against ground fault because it can result in reduced insulation, physical damages to the insulation system or excessive transient or steady-state voltage stress on insulation.

Ground Fault Detector – This type of protection device (detectors, monitors and sensors) can actually protect people, their properties and personal investments (products, machines et cetera) from damage caused by ground faults. It helps in eliminating nuisance tripping and provide adequate ground fault detection to protect machine electronics.

Type of high resistance grounding solutions such as ground fault monitor and detector allows for continuous operation and helps in increasing safety by detecting fault conditions, operating circuit breakers, and other devices. People can choose the most appropriate product-type out of range of high resistance grounding systems. They can search for these products online. It is important to look for a reliable service provider offering a range of high-quality products at competitive rates. If you are looking for such solutions, you can approach a leading service provider, Selco USA, INC., providing custom turnkey solutions to all clients in a short amount of time.

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